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GARBO™ Trash Can

Pink GARBINO trash canKarim Rashid of New York is a highly respected, world-class designer. One of his early designs was licensed to our client Umbra Inc. and has since become a design icon by which the company has become known. The GARBO™ trash can has sold millions, and was manufactured over the course of a few years in a series of striking colors and sizes (smaller sizes were called the GARBINO™ and GARBINI™). Although the two existing design patents covering this can were obtained before we began representing this client, we have successfully enforced them against knock-offs imported by several 'big box' mass merchants. In addition, we have applied for and been granted a reissue design patent (the reissue application claims multiple embodiments) to obtain even broader design protection.

U.S. Pat. No. D399,622
U.S. Pat. No. D404,867

U.S. Pat. No. RE41,854

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